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There are many people and couples who can rely on children or even grandchildren as they grow older and can have that safety net in case anything goes wrong. On the other hand, there are also a large number of people who do not have family to fall back on and ask for help when health starts to fail or when there is an injury and assistance is needed. Planning for these events when there are not children to rely on is an important factor when saving money. Get the help of a financial advisor from KNR Consulting Group in order to plan for these days.

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There are caregivers who can step in and provide the assistance needed when there is no family around for support. When you can no longer drive yourself, or if you have difficulty with mobility and need help around the house, there are services that fill those gaps. However, they do cost money. Saving for these scenarios ahead of time will save you from worry and stress


Consult with an elder care attorney to create a will, a living trust, and other various documents that may be needed to manage your finances. Get them started early and changes can be made whenever they are necessary. Being organized at this time of life is important in order to keep everything sorted out and documents can be accessible whenever you may need them. Making a list of passwords, consolidating accounts, and keeping a list that have automatic bill pay will make things easier.

Health Care Surrogate

When family is not around to make difficult decisions when they arise, give yourself some peace of mind and select someone who you trust to be there for you in various situations. Write down what you want in terms of health care so no detail is left out.

Social Network

It is important to remain active and continue building relationships, even when those relationships are outside of the family. Join a group activity that you enjoy and you can find joy in both being active and building friendships. These people can offer support when family is no longer able to.

Long-term Care Options

Although no one is excited to spend their days in an assisted living center, have that option available and be aware of the cost before it is needed. There are also long-term care insurance options that should be considered in order to give you the most comfortable life.

Planning for retirement and the many years to follow often leaves some with many questions. Planning for these years without having any family around can be even more stressful. When you start planning for this situation early, you will be prepared for it and still can lead a fulfilling retirement life. Get retirement advice from a financial advisor at KNR Consulting Group. We will be there for you and help you plan for these difficult years. We can help with investment strategies and social security retirement benefits in order to make the most out of your hard earned money. Let us help you plan for the years to come so you can live life peacefully and happily.