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Serving our country is a noble thing and helping retired veterans with certain benefits is just one of the ways in which we try to honor them. Health care is one of the benefits, but there are other services that you may not be aware of. At KNR Consulting, we want to give you the information you need in order to have a safe and healthy retirement. It can be challenging navigating the system and determining which benefits you are qualified for and how to apply for them. Our team of financial planners in Laguna Niguel is ready to give you the guidance and direction you need. Get the help you deserve from these veteran’s benefits.

Long-Term Care

The expense of long-term care is one of the biggest struggles any senior has to deal with. It is often more difficult being a veteran. However, with the help of the Aid and Attendance Program, you may be eligible to receive payments to help with nursing homes or assisted living programs. The program may also take care of a portion of long-term care costs. Surviving spouses are also eligible to receive assistance.

Caregiver Support

If you need caregiving support at home, there is a caregiver support program available. The care providers are able to receive support and a coordinator is available to help maneuver through the stressful and complicated benefits system.

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Death Benefits

Through this emotionally challenging time, there can be some relief. The family of the veteran is able to request a U.S. flag be draped over the casket and the service can be honored by giving the veteran a Presidential Memorial Certificate. The Department of Veterans Affairs will provide free headstone as well to assist in the cost

Certification Programs

You may be aware that veterans are able to receive help with education costs. In addition, the GI Bill also offers up to $2,000 to help pay for certification courses or training programs. There are a growing number of careers that don’t require a college degree and this benefit will be of assistance in furthering education.

retirement adviceFree Tax Preparation

Many people attempt to file taxes on their own, but with the complicated tax issues that come along with being a part of the military, money may be lost. Through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, veterans and their families have access to help with tax preparation. You can receive help from qualified individuals who are knowledgeable of many tax issues.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an overwhelming and challenging program, especially for veterans who were injured during service. However, with the Servicemembers and Veterans Group Life Insurance program, you may be eligible to receive life insurance.

Foreclosure and Mortgage Help

If a veteran is having trouble keeping up with a mortgage, there is assistance with mortgage payments. Along with mortgage payments, there may also be assistance with loan forbearance and loan modifications. The VA will also assist with veterans trying to buy a foreclosed home.

Retirement Planning

It can especially challenging trying to save money for retirement and understanding your finances. KNR Consulting wants to help you and your family with social security retirement benefits and financial consulting. With the Aid and Attendance Pension program, there is money available for you and your family that few veterans even know about, let alone actually receive the money.

If you have served our country and are looking to benefit from further education, if you need long-term care or assistance with financial planning, there are options available to you. KNR Consulting wants to help by providing financial advice, retirement planning services, and social security retirement benefit guidance. Give one of our financial planners a call today to see what benefits are available to you.