Are you a current or former Federal Employee? If so, you’re probably more than aware of the complicated system that both Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) and Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) Employees face. Most advisors are not capable of effectively helping federal employees due to how specific the federal retirement system is. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to becoming experts at helping federal employees navigate the in’s and out’s of the federal system. It can be hard to find a local Laguna Niguel consulting firm that understands this complex financial planning topic, but we are here to help!

Services we offer for federal employees:

  • Benefits Analysis
  • Retirement Consultation
  • Customized Retirement Income Plan

We are privileged to have the opportunity to help federal employees prepare for and enjoy the best retirement possible. Talk to us today about social security retirement benefits, and what federal employee benefits will affect your retirement plans.