At KNR Consulting Group, Inc., we put our clients first. It’s our goal to help preserve and protect our clients’ nest eggs so they can live out their dreams without worrying about their finances and we do this by providing valuable investment strategies and financial services. Located in Laguna Niguel, we are here to assist you on a personal level.

As an independent investment advisory firm, our primary focus is on retirement planning for all ages and backgrounds. With our years of industry experience and expertise, we offer clients straightforward investment strategy advice focused on achieving their long-term goals. No matter what your financial goals are, you can count on us to offer customized strategies designed to suit your circumstances. We believe that’s how it should be — after all, you wouldn’t use the same strategies to scale a mountain peak as you would to descend it.

Building strong personal relationships with our clients is one of our founding business principles and one we still believe in today. Through teamwork, trust, and dedication, we are determined to help our clients achieve their financial goals — because when our clients prosper, so do we. Reach out to us today to learn more about our financial services and how we can help you take the first step towards a more secure future.

“I’m always looking out for the best interest of my clients. My clients should know that when they do well, I do well. We’re in this together — and I will work hard to get the best results for all of us.”
-Kevin Richards

We are an independent financial services firm helping individuals create retirement strategies using a variety of investment and insurance products to custom suit their needs and objectives. Our company does not provide tax or legal advice. Consult with your tax or legal professional prior to making any financial decisions for your personal situation.Insurance services provided by KRWM Insurance Services, CA License #0L03034.

Meet Kevin Richards

I founded KNR Consulting Group with a focus on developing relationships with individuals and families so they have complete trust and confidence in my team’s financial services. At KNR Consulting Group, we help preserve and protect our clients’ nest eggs so they can experience their dreams without worrying about their finances. I want to be involved in my clients’ lives for the long-term, not just make a quick transaction.

I am passionate about educating my clients about Social Security, government benefits, and legacy planning. I enjoy providing answers to my clients’ questions concerning their 401(k), IRAs, life insurance, annuities, and health insurance. I specialize in helping medical professionals and business owners implement innovative financial strategies and planning that can lead to financial clarity and security. Working independently means that I’m not limited to working with one product. I have a plethora of tools at my disposal to develop a customized plan that will help you fulfill your financial dreams.

Kevin Richards also regularly appears on Los Angeles television stations including KCAL 9 News and KTLA’s “Money Smart” segment to give financial advice.